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Singer is one of the best brand that specially manufacturing different models of sewing machines. It manufacturing numerous models of sewing machines and supplying to large textile industries for producing large number of clothing materials. Singer is having a big history in sewing machines manufacturing.

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History of Singer Corporation:

  • Singer Corporation is a manufacturer of sewing machines headquartered in La Vergne, Tennessee, USA.
  • Initially established in 1851 and named as “I. M. Singer & Co.” by Isaac Merritt Singer with the help of New York Lawyer Edward Clark and later on 1865 they changed the name as “Singer Manufacturing Company” and again in 1963 it changed the name as “The Singer Company”.
  • On 1863 in Elizabeth, New Jersey the founders plant a big factory to produce huge clothing materials.
  • Initially Singer Corporation manufactured a domestic sewing machine basic models which was created by Elias Howe and he won patent-infringement suit on 1854 that was against Singer.
  • In Later years it got more patents in sewing machines manufacturing for both domestic and industrial usage machineries.
  • It also manufactures the machineries for the leather textile industries and achieves the success in it.
  • On 1855, Singer started to sell the different models of sewing machineries in international level and won a reward at Paris World’s Fair.
  • On 1885, Singer showed the demo of first electrical sewing machine at “Philadelphia Electric Exhibition”.
  • On 1910, Singer initiated to manufacture large number of domestic electric sewing machineries and achieves a great success in selling it in the international market and also innovated installment payment plans for sewing machineries to the large number of buyers.
  • In 21st Century, The Singer Corporation becomes a subsidiary of SVP Worldwide and also it buys other brands of Pfaff and Husqvarna Viking.
  • Singer has huge competition in sewing machine manufacturing and its close competitors are Brother Industries, Janome, Aisin Seiki, E&R Classic Sewing Machines, Necchi and Juki.

Features of Singer Sewing Machines:

  • Singer is manufacturing various models of sewing machines which are used for both industrial and domestic usages of sewing.
  • It has more features and options to operate easily by the user.
  • In textile industries it plays a big role in huge production of clothing.
  • It is available in the intentional market for small and large scale production.
  • It manufactures a good quality of machineries that gives more production as per the user requirement.
  • Electrical sewing machines are manufactured with great accuracy for effective sewing without any interruptions.
  • Manual sewing machineries are manufactured in different models for different users that are good in user friendly work in sewing.
  • It is manufacturing embroidery sewing machineries to print the colorful and special effect designs with clarity in fabrics with the help of embroidery designer and experts.
  • All the machineries should be user friendly to handle by the user very easily and also it gives more production in garment and textile industries.
  • Automatic electronic sewing machineries should have the potential sewing of different fabric materials. It must have program settings, LCD/LED display, touch screen, electric foot pedaling, less power consumption, large number of design loading option in embroidery machines.

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