Best Embroidery Machines

Embroidery machines are used both in large industries and also in individual houses for different process of embroidery stitching. Embroidery was done on different clothing like dresses, curtains, bed spreads, craft works and in all types of artworks in different fabrics. Embroidery machines are of different types

  • Free-motion machine embroidery: It is basic model of embroidery machines that runs with the help of embroiderer. Embroiderer should have the knowledge of embroidery design patterns to develop the various embroidery designs manually with the help of machine settings. The designs are formed using the concept of basic zigzag sewing machine.
  • Computerized machine embroidery: Before this type of machinery introduction the embroidery was done on the concept of paper punching embroidery designs and later computers become familiar in 1980 Wilcom invented first computer graphics embroidery design system that runs with the help of minicomputer and later lot of latest technologies are used to develop the various embroidery designs in textile industries. Computerized machine embroidery is used in large industries for creating more embroidery designs with the help of embroidery designers to get more patterns for printing it in various fabrics to make the clothing with beautiful embroidery designs. It has different process
    • Design Files: Using various embroidery software, the embroiderer can create different design patterns for printing in the fabrics. These designs are saved in the files for the future purpose of design editing and printing.
    • Editing Designs: If the designs created in the first step was had any mistakes, the expert embroiderer can edit and make it more effective for printing process.
    • Loading Designs: After the editing process final design was approved and get ready to load in the embroidery machine for printing in fabrics.
    • Stabilizing Fabrics: After loading designs in machines then they have to stabilize the fabrics to embroider the design in it. This stabilizing process is done to make the fabrics without wrinkles while printing the embroidery designs.
    • Embroidering Process: After all the above process finally the embroidery machine will start to monitor the designs to get ready for the print. Embroidery designs require more colors and special effects to print in the fabrics in a good quality. After loading colors and effects in the machine settings it gets print in the fabrics.
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Good Qualities of Embroidery Machines:

  • Embroidery machine¬†should have advanced technologies and features to print the good designs in fabrics.
  • The machineries have latest technology to print the trendy designs in fabrics.
  • Special effects and more colors have to load in the machines for colorful embroidery designs.
  • Easy to use the machineries and easy to learn about the features of machines. It should have more setting options to get more embroidery designs with special effects.
  • More flexible and user friendly while using.
  • Must have long time life because while using in large industries the quality of the machine have to be long term.
  • The machines should be easily and smoothly deal with the varieties of fabrics in the industries.

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