Industry revolution through Sewing machine

Women are eager to stitching clothes and they can earn money from sewing business. They become an entrepreneur through this. A man also contributes in the stitching business. Sewing machine is boon for those people. The sewing material is nothing but stitch material together with thread. There is much process to sew a cloth. It consist different types of stitches such as cross stitch, blind stitch, chain stitch and peyote stitch. Early days stitching process is difficult task because it’s done by the hands.

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During technology revolution sewing machine has invented. First sewing machine designed for stitching leather and canvas material. Sewing machine creates a great impact in the society especially textile industry. The sewing machine allows a cloth to become a huge production item in the market. When sewing machine becomes electric, it makes great sensational in the society. It likes hand power modal which one is faster and easy to complete the work. Sewing machine is a back bone of thread industry and metal industry.

It becomes a first household purchasing item. This makes textile industry is one of the industry revolutions. It has two economic impacts. One is women can sew clothes for their families. Another one is people can buy clothes with cheap and best. Industrial sewing machine and Home sewing machine differs from each other. Industrial machine can sew chain stitch or zigzag stitch than lock stitch. The basic part of the sewing machine is bit or frame which makes by the iron. Home sewing machine has less weight than industrial machine.

Features of Sewing machine

Many industry produce sewing machine in spite of the best one is Janome Sewing machine. It can produce quality machine which use good raw materials and components. It is one of the Japanese companies. It has light weight and affordable compare to others. The bobbin case of Janome Sewing machine consists of different colors. It has different types of sewing machine such as Horizon memory craft, skyline and memory craft. Each type has different features. For example, Horizon memory craft has an automatic thread tension, adjustable hoop positioning option and adjustable speed option. Skyline has many versions such as skyline s3, s9, s5.

Janome sewing machine is available in low price with best quality. It consists of bobbins, a set of needles and a screwdriver. It can stitch thick material and durable machine which is easy to keep any places. One of the Janome sewing machines has no foot pedal and it has started and stop button which called as Janome7330 sewing machine. Plastic thread can use in this machine easily. This machine has automatic feature such as automatic thread cutter and automatic needle threader. It has hundred types of stitches includes letters and symbols though it has better speed control.

It provides carrier opportunity for women. Through this many sewing shops are open and it does not need any educational qualification. If you have interest to stitch, Janome sewing machine helps you. It gives an idea how to design a cloth and improves your creativity

Best Sewing Machines

Sewing machinery are playing an important role in every sewing process that helps the tailors in every aspect in tailoring. These machines do the process of stitching different fabrics together using needles and threads to make the best clothing and dresses for different users around the world. It is  not  only used to stitch dresses alone and also used to stitch curtains, bed spreads, pillow covers, screens, embroidery, craftworks and even small stitching process.

Sewing machine was invented by the Englishman Thomas Saint on 1790, after introduction of these machineries the productivity goes up and later it was updated by using latest technologies and now in 2017 different models of sewing machineries is available in the market for the different types of sewing process like embroidery sewing machines, industrial sewing machines (which is used in large industries for increasing productivity of clothing), domestic sewing machines in different models. Let us have brief look at this type of sewing machines.

Types of Sewing Machineries:

            Sewing machines are used in different places for various purposes and it is used both in large industries and in a small house. Based on this usage different sewing machineries are available in the market in various prices.  So, the user can purchase these machines based on their requirements and usage. Mainly it is categorized as

  • Industrial Sewing Machines:

Industrial sewing machines are used in large industries for large number of production in clothing and it is classified into four types

  • Flat Bed – Used to stitch flat pieces of fabrics.
  • Post Bed – Used to attach boots, gloves and emblems.
  • Off the Arm – Used to sewing shoulder and sleeves in the fabrics.
  • Cylinder Bed – Used to sewing cylindrical pieces of clothes like cuffs.


  • Domestic Sewing Machines:

Domestic sewing machines are used by housewives for small purpose of sewing processes. These are classified into four types

  • Manual Sewing Machine – Basic type of sewing machine which runs with the help human power and the electric power is not needed for this type of machine.
  • Electronic Sewing Machine – It runs with the help of both electric power and manpower and it has electronic pedal too.
  • Over Locker Sewing Machine – It has automatic functions in sewing process and it does not require more manpower like other types.
  • Computerized Sewing Machine – It runs with the help of computer programming and it is more advanced in sewing different types of fabrics without human interruption. It has LED/LCD display or touch screen, it can handle difficult stitches too.

Characteristics of Best Sewing Machines:

  • Work Spacious: Sewing machinery should consume less space which is convenient for tailor.
  • Easy to Learn: The machinery features should be easily learned and understand by the user.
  • Quality of Stitching: The stitches of the machinery should be in good quality.
  • Quietness: The machinery does not make noise while running.
  • Lighting: The machinery should come with good quality of lighting facility.
  • Quality of Embroidery: The embroidery done by the machinery should have good quality and clarity in the clothing.

These are the characteristics of best sewing machineries.